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Information for Current Genetics Majors


The pages collected here provide information useful for ISU students majoring in Genetics. Details are provided about precisely which courses are required in the major, or for a minor, double major, or double degree. Links to other pages from various ISU offices will be helpful to understand the processes for registration, graduation, changing majors, adding a minor, initiating a double major, reviewing degree audits, etc. Information is also provided about the advising process in our major.  Information on scholarships, internships, the learning community, and research experiences can be found under the Opportunities Menu.  Information about career paths chosen by graduates appears under the Alumni Menu.

Student News

Degree Requirements

Elective Choices for Genetics Majors

Double Majors, Double Degrees, Minor in Genetics

Registration Process

Common Advising Questions

Reviewing Degree Audits

Transferring Credits

Useful Links for Students and Advisors

Changing Majors

Sample Syllabi

Learning Outcomes and Assessment