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Curriculum Changes

How to Request a Curriculum Change: Major Changes (Add, Drop, Double Major) and Minors


1. Contact your academic advisor by making an appointment through Navigate. Minors changes do not require a meeting and can be completed by emailing your advisor. For any curriculum change (Add/drop minors or majors), please fill out the top portion of the Curriculum Change Form (found here) and send to your advisor prior to the meeting

2. Your advisor will review the form, make any necessary changes and sent it to the departments & colleges for their signature and processing.

3. If you're considering a major change, please request a meeting with an advisor for the new major to discuss the program and degree requirements prior to making an appointment with your current advisor.

4. You can monitor the curriculum change under Student Info in AccessPlus. Processing is usually complete within 48hrs but may take longer during busy advising periods. It's your responsibility to monitor for major/minor changes. Please let your advisor know if you do not see the curriculum change after 1 week.