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Welcome to the Genetics Program at Iowa State University!

Choose Your Genetics Adventure


Why choose Genetics at Iowa State? The small program size and associated learning community provides students with support and a sense of community, while offering the benefits and opportunities of a major research university. At Iowa State, faculty in 3 different departments (BBMB, EEOB, and GDCB) administer the undergraduate Genetics major. These faculty provide undergraduates with a multidisciplinary perspective on genetics and a broad range of possibilities to become involved in cutting edge genetics research. Students can begin working in research labs as early as their freshman year! In addition, the Genetics Program offers freshmen the unique opportunity to participate in state-of-the-art research by enrolling in a developmental biology lab utilizing the CRISPR/Cas 9 system to perform gene editing in a model organism, the zebrafish. The program also offers internships for students to conduct semester or summer research projects in faculty labs. Looking for more research experience? Our Experiential Learning Coordinator will assist students with identifying research opportunities in faculty labs on campus and internships at local and regional companies. Finally, completion of the genetics degree meets the admissions requirements for most graduate and professional programs!

Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in a medical field (human medicine or pre-vet), genetic counseling, genetic engineering, or other genetics-related research fields, the Genetics Program at Iowa State will prepare you for the next step in your career.

Areas of Study

Year: Senior

Career: Genetic Counseling

Campus Activities: Peer Mentor, Undergraduate Research Intern, Tutor

Internship Spotlight

Gabi Fitzjarrell
Gabi Fitzjarrell
Cancer Research Experience
University of Colorado
Kelsey Nehring
Kelsey Nehring
Molecular Biology Intern
Genvax Technologies
Nicholas Stelling
Nick Stelling
Plant Health REEU
Kansas State University
Sean Prell Image
Sean Prell
Process Discovery Intern
Elizabeth Jabs
Elizabeth Jabs
Trait Discovery Intern









Previous Student Spotlights

Genetics Graduates


accepted into graduate and professional programs or immediate employment.


participated in undergraduate research.


choose to continue to participate in the genetics program as alumni through informational interviews, career panels, etc.