• Dr. Sakaguchi has been appointed as the new Director of Biology and Genetics Undergraduate Programs within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Dr. Sakaguchi been a professor at ISU for over 30 years and has conducted research in the areas of neuroscience, stem cells, and tissue engineering. He has also been an instructor for several different courses including BIOL 212 (Principles of Biology II), 328 (Molecular and Cellular Biology of Human Diseases), 394 (Study Abroad - Caribbean Marine Biology), 436 (Neurobiology), LAS 103D (Frontiers in the Discipline-Stem Cells and Cellular Engineering), NEURO 556 (Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Neuroscience), 557 (Advanced Neuroscience Techniques) and 661 (Current Topics in Neuroscience).



    Graduating Seniors in Genetics were well represented at the virtual convocation held today (May 8, 2020) by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

    Vishesh Bhatia was the student speaker.

    Emily Franciskato received the Academic Achievement Award.

    Congratulations to all the graduates!

  • Trevor Nolan, BS Genetics 2013, PhD Genetics 2018, recently won the Karas Award and the Zaffarano Prize. See the information here.  Trevor is currently a post-doctoral scholar at Duke University.

  • Alumnus Jered Stratton (BS Genetics, 2016) presented his preliminary PhD research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison at the national Evolution Conference in Rhode Island on June 25th, 2019. The abstract of his talk is below:

  • Aimee Schulz, Senior in Genetics - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, has been selected as a Conviron Scholar by the American Society of Plant Biology.  She is part of a cohort of 25 awardees selected from an applicant pool of 200 graduate and undergraduate students.  As part of this award, Aimee will receive extensive mentoring and guidance from the Society. Read a full description of the program.

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