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Sign up for a faculty led learning team!

Areas of interest​ include Healthcare, Cell Biology, Aging, and Environmental Science. Choose your area of interest from the options below and register for that section of BIOL/GEN 114X (1 credit, meets 1 day per week).

Why join?

  • Network with faculty in your field of interest!
  • Develop goal-oriented academic and professional skills.
  • Connect with like-minded peers within and outside of your major.


BIOL/GEN 114X: Each section (learning team) is a different topic. Register for your section of interest.

Section 1. Save Planet Earth

Monday 3:20 - 5:15

An environmental and conservation-themed section where students learn and connect via hands-on sustainability projects, as well as field trips to research sites around Ames.

Section 2. Helping People: The Health Care Career Spectrum

Monday 3:20- 5:15

Meet with practicing professionals and learn about the myriad of healthcare-related career options that align with your interests and life goals.

Section 3. Exploring the Secret Life of Cells

Wednesday 3:20-5:15

Learn how cell biology research in different organisms can help us improve our world in areas such as medicine, agriculture, and technology. Experiences include hands-on lab activities and visits to research labs around campus.

Section 4. Decoding Genetic Mechanisms of Metabolism and Aging

Wednesday 3:20 - 5:15

Authentic research experiences and learning opportunities using cutting-edge genetic and cell biology approaches. Interrogate cellular metabolism, aging and age-related diseases.


Flyer: BIOL_GEN114X_QR_email.pdf