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Registration Process

How to Register For Classes

  1. Learn your registration start date. This information is available on AccessPlus.

  2. Contact your faculty advisor by email to make a registration appointment approximately one week before your start date.

  3. Print a copy of your Degree Audit using Access Plus. Information about how to use the ISU Degree Audit system is available here.

  4. Prepare for your advising appointment. Review your Degree Audit and the requirements of the Genetics major. Also review the lists of elective choices and consider which courses you would like to take in each area. From that information have an idea of what courses you should take for the following term. The degree requirements and elective choices can be viewed from the links on the right.

  5. Meet with your advisor and discuss your proposed selections. Together you and your advisor will determine appropriate courses for the upcoming semester. Also this meeting is a time to discuss other issues pertinent to your education, future career choices, internships, research, or any other topics that you have questions about.

  6. Register for classes using the AccessPlus registration system.

  7. Remember: registration is a busy time period for faculty and staff. Please be patient and flexible in scheduling your appointments.

The ISU Schedule of Classes tool is useful as you plan your upcoming semester. This site can be used to search for classes by semester availability, credit hours, department, instructor, meeting times, meeting days, and certain university requirements. Semester availability is important because many courses are offered only in the spring or fall term and this must be considered as you plan your full program.