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Science Writer

What do science writers do?

Science writers may be employed by large academic institutions, especially those with responsibility for extension, or by industries.  They may be creating information for the general public, which might involve re-writing and summarizing information found in peer reviewed scientific literature in "lay language".  Or they may be specifically tasked with writing and editing grants or scientific publications.  Everyone in scientific fields at all levels will have various writing responsibilities so it is always important to be able to write well. 

How do I prepare to be a science writer?

You will have many writing assignments in English 150, 250, your advanced communications course, and upper level science and humanities classes.  Many Genetics students choose to take English 312, Biological Communication.  If you are doing research as an undergraduate, you may have the opportunity to write for publication. Take advantage of these opportunities.


Autumn Marsden

Education: BS Genetics, ISU, 2012; PhD. U of Iowa, 2017, Post Doc, Baylor University

Current Position:  Science Writer at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

Dr. Autumn Marsden

Studying Genetics at Iowa State has really opened a lot of doors for me career wise. I was able to take classes and labs such as Genetics 313 and 314 that really prepare you for research positions and further understanding concepts. I was also able to participate in research, using Genetics 499, with faculty I had classes with and got even more experience in a lab!