Science/Humanities Bridge Courses


Genetics majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences should take one of the following courses. This course can dual-count with a college Humanities elective.

HIST 280, 281

Introduction to the History of Science

HIST 284, 285

Wonders of the World, Ancient/Modern

HIST 323

Science and Religion

HIST 380

History of Women in Science, Technology, and Medicine

HIST 388

History of Modern Astronomy

HIST 472

U.S. Environmental History

HIST 482

Rhetorical Analysis

HIST 486

Biological Communication

HIST 488

American Stuff, Colonial Times to the Present

HIST 489

History of American Science

PHIL 206

Introduction to Logic and Scientific Reasoning

PHIL 230

Moral Theory and Practice

PHIL 235

Ethical Issues in a Diverse Society

PHIL 330

Ethical Theory

PHIL 331

Moral Problems in Medicine

PHIL 334

Environmental Ethics

PHIL 336

Bioethics and Biotechnology

PHIL 343

Philosophy of Technology

PHIL 380

Philosophy of Science

PHIL 465

Brains, Minds, and Computers

PHIL 480

Controversies in Science

PHIL 483

Philosophy of Biology


Science and Religion


Religious Ethics


Religion and Ecology

BIOL 307

Women in Science and Engineering