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Career Exploration and Professional Development Courses

GEN 110: Genetics Orientation. Learn about the various student services available on campus, create 4-year and success plans, and conduct information interviews with alumni to begin exploring career in Genetics.

BIOL/GEN 113X. Exploring Possibilities in Life Sciences. (Cross-listed with GEN 113X). (1-0) Cr. 1. Seminar focusing on introducing students to life science fields and careers. Explores interdisciplinary career paths and guidance on strategies for success in achieving career goals. Satisfactory-fail only.

BIOL/GEN 114X. Experiential Learning and Explorations in Life Sciences. (Cross-listed with GEN 114X). (2-0) Cr. 1. A second year experiential learning course focused on careers in life science fields. Sections offer themed learning allowing students to choose an immersive experience in an area of interest. Sections utilize hands-on engagement, field trips to on- and off-campus locations, and small group discussions with speakers working in different life science careers. Satisfactory-fail only.

GEN 491: Undergraduate Seminar, Professional Practice in Genetics Disciplines (1-0) Cr. 1. F.S.
Intended to develop career objectives and obtain positions appropriate to the goals of students, in particular juniors, in preparation for position searches in the senior year. Discussion of various career paths in genetics disciplines; identification of experiences to enhance entry to specific careers; exposure to professional practices not covered elsewhere including literature database management, scientific figure preparation for publication, the peer-review journal system, the federal competitive grants system, laboratory budgets and management, authorship and collaborations, etc.; preparation of effective curricula vitae and application letters; and verbal scientific discourse appropriate to interview interactions and other professional settings.

BIOL 395. Professional Development in Biological Sciences- Identifying opportunities and preparing application. (2-0). Cr. 2. F. For students interested in undergraduate research, competitive internships, graduate or professional school. This course will help students identify opportunities, create, and polish your applications


Career in Genetics


Alumni Careers

Below are some of the careers our alumni have pursued.  Click on each category to view more information.  Keep in mind that while some categories are well defined (e.g. dentist, physician) research careers are more fluid, with individuals moving from positions in academia to ones in industry, and vice versa. Also, some pursue career paths that could be classified in more than one category. Many graduates choose to work in various "lab tech" positions during a gap year or years before entering graduate or professional programs.  Each person's path is unique.  

These pages are being written and updated as alumni respond to requests for information. Check back for updates.


Graduate Programs Chosen by Recent Graduates

Employers of Recent Graduates

Job Titles of Recent Graduates