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Alumni Careers

Below are some of the careers our alumni have pursued.  Click on each category to view more information.  Keep in mind that while some categories are well defined (e.g. dentist, physician) research careers are more fluid, with individuals moving from positions in academia to ones in industry, and vice versa. Also, some pursue career paths that could be classified in more than one category. Many graduates choose to work in various "lab tech" positions during a gap year or years before entering graduate or professional programs.  Each person's path is unique.  

These pages are being written and updated as alumni respond to requests for information. Check back for updates.

Whatever your career destination, we recommend you strongly consider taking the opportunity to join a research lab as an undergraduate.  If the first one you choose doesn't seem like a good fit, look for other openings.  Some faculty prefer to take upperclassmen who have gained some skills in required class labs but many will welcome freshmen who may be able to complete a substantial research project over a longer period of time.  Working closely with a faculty member, perhaps under the direct supervision of a graduate student or postdoc, will help you develop both technical/analytical skills and soft skills such as communication and working in a team. Your supervisor may be able to write you a more personal and unique letter of recommendation than could an instructor of a large class. You can work in a lab either for pay (especially if you have work-study hours) or for course credit such as GEN 499.  Look for research opportunities among the faculty advisors on our People page, the departmental websites (BBMBEEOB, and GDCB) and on the Interdepartmental Genetics and Genomics Graduate website. Be sure to read summaries of their research and look over their publications to make an informed inquiry before contacting faculty for research positions.

While we've included general descriptions and advice for various career destinations, be sure to check the specific requirements of any graduate or professional programs in which you are interested. Also consider gaining experience in teaching others, as a peer mentor for the learning community, a tutor, a learning assistant (LA), undergraduate teaching assistant (TA) or Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader.  And finally, take any opportunity presented to you to become acquainted with our alumni and ask them questions.

Graduate Programs Chosen by Recent Graduates

Employers of Recent Graduates

Job Titles of Recent Graduates